Recovering Our Ancestors’ Gardens – Indigenous Recipes and Guide to Diet and Fitness

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Mens de sociale forhold på de indianske reservater i dag som følge af kolonialismen levner dårlige betingelser for sundhed generelt, skriver forfatteren Devon A. Mihesuah passioneret om genfødsel af de stolte madtraditioner blandt de indfødte oprindelige folk på det nordamerikanske kontinent, hvor et stærkt helbred snarere var reglen end undtagelsen.

Hvis du vil lære mere om indfødt/oprindelig madkultur, er denne bog et sted at starte 🙂

NB: Bogen er på engelsk!

Paperback, 400 sider, 140 x 216 mm, 57 opskrifter, 29 farvefotografier.

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Winner of the Gourmand International World Cookbook Award, Recovering Our Ancestors’ Gardens is back! Featuring an expanded array of tempting recipes of indigenous ingredients and practical advice about health, fitness, and becoming involved in the burgeoning indigenous food sovereignty movement, the acclaimed Choctaw author and scholar Devon A. Mihesuah draws on the rich indigenous heritages of this continent to offer a helpful guide to a healthier life.

Recovering Our Ancestors’ Gardens features pointed discussions about the causes of the generally poor state of indigenous health today. Diminished health, Mihesuah contends, is a pervasive consequence of colonialism, but by advocating for political, social, economic, and environmental changes, traditional food systems and activities can be reclaimed and made relevant for a healthier lifestyle today.

New recipes feature pawpaw sorbet, dandelion salad, lima bean hummus, cranberry pie with cornmeal crust, grape dumplings, green chile and turkey posole, and blue corn pancakes, among other dishes. Savory, natural, and steeped in the Native traditions of this land, these recipes are sure to delight and satisfy.

This new edition is revised, updated, and contains new information, new chapters, and an extensive curriculum guide that includes objectives, resources, study questions, assignments, and activities for teachers, librarians, food sovereignty activists, and anyone wanting to know more about indigenous foodways.

“The book brims with information. . . . This well-researched book will be most useful to launch discussions or perhaps to read chapter by chapter.”—Publishers Weekly

“The political goal of empowerment through dietary change is certainly worthy and most likely to be translated into action when generated from within by such a prominent member of a tribal nation as Devon Mihesuah.”—Linda Murray Berzok, Gastronomica


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